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Rusty grub dragon | needle felted posable art doll ||discounted

$100.00 / On Sale

Grub dragons are a lot like any other, depending on different elements for their magic and what they breathe, the difference is that they are a lot smaller. Like other dragons, they love to hoard things, each one has their own favorite thing.

This one's focus is around iron, it's breath is nothing spectacular, just that it can easily oxidize things. It loves to lay upon darker rocks, old nails, horseshoes etc.

This is a one of a kind needle felted art doll, because of its handmade nature, it's not intended for children. It has a wire armature inside, allowing it so be carefully posed. The details are all cast in resin so they are durable, and have been painted with acrylics and covered in a matte sealant. The eyes have an iridescence to them and have a gloss over them.

The body has been felted with wool and some polyester batting. Due to the density of the batting, some of the poseablility is lost, so it's discounted from my usual doll price.